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Auto_Aim_2.rar93547.75 KB11 Mar 2011
Games SA
SummaryEasy to use intuitively Auto-Aim for GTA:SA
Rating5 (2 votes)
Submitted11 Mar 2011
Updated12 Mar 2011

Auto-Aim_2 [WIP] v0.1

Easy to use intuitively Auto-Aim for GTA:SA.
You will need Cleo 4.

This is build upon Deji's AutoAim script. (Thanks..)
The difference mainly is that you don't have to care about keys.

Its beeing activated by holding the Aim-Button (usually Right Mouse Button)
and using the target-select keys (Q, E or Mouse-Wheel).

Auto-Aim is then activated until you move your Mouse.

While wanted, you can release the Aim-Button and press it again (without moving the mouse)
to aim for the nearest Cop, FBI etc.

TO DO (i'll need help here):
  • Aim for the head
  • Aim for vehicles
  • Aim for peds in vehicles
  • Turn around to aim for targets behind the player