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GPS_1.0.rar219126.31 KB15 Oct 2010
Games SA
SummaryReal satelite navigating!
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Submitted15 Oct 2010

Global Positioning System mod

  1. What is it?
  2. Additional downloads
  3. Installation
  4. Usage
  5. Known bugs

What is it?

    This mod is a first one, that brings real satelite navigation in SA.
    Mod can navigate you straight to target marker position, including leading to highways.

Additional downloads

  • Click HERE to download English voices addition
  • Click HERE to download Polish voices addition
  • Click HERE to download routes.dat addition [last update: 15.10.2010]


  1. Extract files from archive to game directory.
  2. Open gps.ini from CLEO folder and configure mod settings as you want (more information about options in gps.ini file).
  3. [optional] Download voices and extract them to game directory.
  4. [optional, but recommended] Download latest routes.dat build and extract it to game directory.


  • Press F12 in vehicle after placing target marker on map to enable GPS. Note that you might have to press that button for about 0.5s.
  • Pressing F12 again or getting out of the vehicle will disable mod.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes GPS leads are inaccurate (routes.dat updates should solve some of that problems, so please check regularly for updates).
  • [only for CLEO3] Voices sometimes gets stuck (enabling and disabling game menu solves it) and they're played unsmooth.
  • [only for slow PC's] Voices gets bugged in SA-MP (if you have Dual or Quad Core CPU, then setting gta_sa.exe process to all CPU's should help, it's SA-MP bug).

Made by Silent
GFX art by Spray/Witex15