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Ultimate CLEO Trainer

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Ultimate_CLEO_Trainer.rar2898699.57 KB5 Dec 2009
TitleUltimate CLEO Trainer
Games SA
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Submitted5 Dec 2009
Updated5 Dec 2009

The Ultimate CLEO Trainer is a CLEO-coded trainer that has all the power of an ".exe" trainer and more. It allows you to change player stats, game settings and even things that many other trainers are not able to do. It is able to activate many functions which would usually require additional mods and even allows you to place any of your own downloaded mods into a folder in which the trainer can switch them on when you choose. The power to switch them off is currently limited to those with a bit of modding knowledge, but in future versions I plan to fix this.

There are many, many features. Too many to list (although I have previously attempted... the list was too long, lol). And you can switch all of these on and off with the handy help of a menu by pressing Ctrl+Backspace in game. Upon pressing this, the game goes into veeery slow motion and you are invincible... If your car is on fire, the fire will automatically go out and the car will be back to just smoking. So you can always use this in times of dire need! Just press Ctrl+Backspace quickly in whatever situation. I guarantee that it can help somehow you no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Trust me, once you have it the game will start to never be the same without it! If you were to uninstall it, you'd soon find that it could've really helped you!

Some of the features include: Vehicle spawning, vehicle modification, stat changes, speed keys, gravity editing, auto-aim, cheat lists, cutscene-viewer, map teleporter, location saver, time saver, clear cheated status, play MP3's (lil buggy), super-CJ and so much more that it was pretty pointless listing the things I did, since it only takes up about 10% of the trainers use.

So, use it for whatever non-destructive (lol) purposes you want and have fun... Guess those two statements cancel each other out, eh?